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Business casual is the most common work attire

The problem results from a fundamental design flaw in the button up dress shirt. There is no reinforcement of the shirt placket. This lack if reinforcement causes the placket to collapse into a sloppy mess.

Million Dollar Collar is a permanent solution.

• Million Dollar Collar® is the only – patented – permanently installed placket stay for dress shirts designed to prevent a shirt’s placket from collapsing when worn unbuttoned.

• It is Thin, Lightweight, and Durable

• Provides much-needed reinforcement

•The Result is a sharper, more polished appearance.

•Million Dollar Collar is designed to be easily installed into all plackets.

It is the perfect solution for men’s & women’s shirts

Million Dollar Collar is designed to out live the life of it’s hosting shirt

The proprietary material is developed to withstand:

✓ Machine Washing

✓ Drying

✓ Ironing

✓ Dry Cleaning

✓ Laundering

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