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Are your Uggs looking a little Ugly? Has your Leather lost it’s Luster?

Well made leather and suede items should last for years. If your items are in need of a good cleaning or reconditioning, our leather experts are ready for the job. From cleaning Uggs (inside and out), leather jackets, purses, and other items, to repairs and redying, our cleaning experts can make your items look better than they have in years.

Suede and leather garments require special care to maximize wearing life. Always store your leather in a cool, ventilated area to prevent drying and mildew. Leather and suede are very susceptible to staining from perspiration and body oils; make sure to protect vulnerable areas by wearing scarves and shirts with sleeves. Stains should always be cared for by a professional dry cleaner as soon as possible.

Leather and suede articles are made from the skins of various portions of an animal. As such, there are many reasons why cleaning leather results in changes in the garment’s appearance. Therefore it is generally a good idea to clean any matching pieces simultaneously, to ensure color consistency. Different textures vary in how they absorb the cleaning process, which may result in some leathers darkening more than others.


I have been a customer of The Clean Store since it began in 2012. I have been very pleased with not only the value of our dry cleaning service but also the product that is returned faithfully to us twice a week. Our pick-up and delivery is so convenient. My clothes are picked up at my front door and delivered right back to my front door!  The prices are comparable to my former cleaner but without the drive!  

In addition, I really appreciate Jason’s commitment to offering the best possible dry cleaning service. He is dedicated to making his business the best in our area. He thinks not only locally but globally as he recently began offering his customers reusable garment bags instead of using plastic bags. This reduces the amount of plastic used in the dry cleaning process. I love my garment bags and helping the environment. 

I highly recommend you try The Clean Store, dry cleaners.

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