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A typical person spends 19 weeks of the year lying in their bed. Whether spring cleaning, or changing out your bedding for the season, it is good to have your bedding cleaned a minimum of 1-2 times a year, depending on how often you use it. Duvet covers should be cleaned seasonally (some people prefer monthly), while the covered duvets themselves may only need it once a year, or if they get stained. Cleaning your items before you store them for the season (heavy blankets in the summer, and light quilts in the winter) will keep invisible stains from setting, and bugs from eating hidden morels (you remember that cookie you ate, right)?

In addition to quilts, comforters, duvets and covers, & throw blankets, we also clean dust ruffles, pillow cases, sheets (when was the last time you slept in nicely pressed sheets), mattress covers and anything else that is fabric in your boudoir.


Curtains are beautiful, and frequently an investment, but often become covered in dust after hanging around for a long time. To lengthen the lifespan of your curtains and window treatments, be sure to vacuum them each season (with a gentle attachment). Once they are in need of cleaning, we have the experience to give them the attention they need. Our staff will look over each item for sun damage and other conditions that are common in household items. No matter what method of cleaning is required, eco-friendly dry cleaning or wet cleaning, our equipment is set up to run special gentle cycles to minimize stress to your textiles.


Clean rugs last longer, will noticeably brighten up a room and are safer for your family.

Virtually every rug has a long list of dirt and soils you wouldn’t think of walking on barefoot or allow children to play on, such as pet feces, urine, soil, street grime, insect eggs, dust and dander. Yuck!

Get rid of all that and have a cleaner, safer and brighter house with The Clean Store’s rug cleaning service.


Dinners with the family, your favorite holidays, romantic anniversaries and weekend brunches – there are so many occasions to use your best table cloths and napkins, but the clean-up can be a hassle. Especially the stress of wondering how to get out wine or sauce stains.

Well, take that chore off your list, and let us take care of it for you! Just drop them off or put them in your Express bag and we will make them clean, fresh and ready for you to put away until your next festive event.


I have been a customer of The Clean Store since it began in 2012. I have been very pleased with not only the value of our dry cleaning service but also the product that is returned faithfully to us twice a week. Our pick-up and delivery is so convenient. My clothes are picked up at my front door and delivered right back to my front door!  The prices are comparable to my former cleaner but without the drive!  

In addition, I really appreciate Jason’s commitment to offering the best possible dry cleaning service. He is dedicated to making his business the best in our area. He thinks not only locally but globally as he recently began offering his customers reusable garment bags instead of using plastic bags. This reduces the amount of plastic used in the dry cleaning process. I love my garment bags and helping the environment. 

I highly recommend you try The Clean Store, dry cleaners.

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