You should use the same thoughtful attention in preserving your dress after the big day as you took when you chose your wedding gown. Have a professional tend to any stains or damage immediately.

Stains from body oil, food, and beverages may become permanent if they are not properly cleaned before storage. We are highly knowledgeable about the special needs required to carefully clean your wedding gown.

You can be assured our experts are well equipped to handle the exceptional fabric and decorations. While our wedding gown preservation process is first-rate, we also recommend you take several steps to further protect your dress from the adverse effects of aging.

Always store your gown in a cool, dry area in your home. Basements tend to be damp and cause mildew, while heat from an attic can promote fabric yellowing. Storing a gown on a hanger can cause the fabric to stretch greatly. No storage or preservation process is perfect, but by following these steps you can expect the best results possible for your treasured garment.


From Christening gowns to proms and homecoming, from bridesmaids dresses to mother of the bride, we will make sure your gown look beautiful for of all your formal occasions.

We understand that your nicest clothes are an investment, and when they are cleaned they must be handled with care. We want your clothing to look as nice as possible, which is why we never cut corners and do what it takes to keep you satisfied and looking great.

On-site alterations available, call for a time.

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