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Join the growing number of corporations adding this service to their employee benefits packages. Efficiency experts agree this program is a win-win situation for companies and employees alike.

Give your employees more time and less stress, with regularly scheduled non-disruptive pick-up and delivery service right to your business.

Our services are specifically designed for your organization and/or your employees.

We have 2 versions of our At Work Services.

  • The first is the cleaning professional uniforms, shirts & blouses with company logo used at spas, gyms, etc., and band uniforms for marching bands, etc.
  • The second is to help make the lives of employees easier by offering our dry cleaning service available at the office.


I have been a customer of The Clean Store since it began in 2012. I have been very pleased with not only the value of our dry cleaning service but also the product that is returned faithfully to us twice a week. Our pick-up and delivery is so convenient. My clothes are picked up at my front door and delivered right back to my front door!  The prices are comparable to my former cleaner but without the drive!  

In addition, I really appreciate Jason’s commitment to offering the best possible dry cleaning service. He is dedicated to making his business the best in our area. He thinks not only locally but globally as he recently began offering his customers reusable garment bags instead of using plastic bags. This reduces the amount of plastic used in the dry cleaning process. I love my garment bags and helping the environment. 

I highly recommend you try The Clean Store, dry cleaners.

Phoenixville, PA


The At Work Service program can be presented to an employee as a company benefit. The benefit to you as the owner is that you will have no out of pocket expense to offer the program to the organization.

You and your employees lead busy lives so the idea of having to pick up dry cleaning after work is just another burden on their day. Your employees will be more productive as result of eliminating this mundane task from there to do list.

Another benefit of the At Work Service is that throughout the year we hold several exclusive monthly specials that will be available to your employees. Some of the offers include 20% off sweaters, bring in 3 pay for 2 golf shirts, 20% off outerwear, get a tie cleaned for free with a suit.

How it Works
When you sign up for our At Work Service your employees bring their items to be cleaned to the office and we will take care of the rest. The freshly cleaned and pressed items will be delivered to the designated office area a few days later.

We will work with you about ideas about communicating this service to your employees. Once the service has been activated, we will become the primary contact for your employees.

We will be responsible for collecting payments; we will never involve your organization, and we will also ensure the customer’s satisfaction with the service. Please know that your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we always welcome feedback.

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