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Mobile App and Clean Connect

To get the App, on your phone go to www.tcsdrycleaners.com 3/4 down the page and you will see links to get the version you need from the App Store or from Google Play.
Also here is a link for the Andriod version Get The Clean Store App for Android Phones
Here is the link for the Apple IOS version Get The Clean Store App for Iphone

Refer a Friend to The Clean Store and you both get a $10 off coupon!

This allows you to send an invite to a friend or family member to try our services. Your friend will receive $10 off their first order. After they pick up their first order you will automatically have you’re a coupon coded to your account and receive $10 off on your next order as our way of saying thank you

The Refer a Friend tab is located on welcome page on the App. It is the 5th tab down

5. Refer a Friend, Invite a friend or family to use The Clean Store.

Yes, credit card information can be securely updated and changed on both our Clean Store App and Customer Connect.
To Log in go to the “Account Login” tab from our website menu.
If this is your first time logging in then use the email address that we have on file for your username.
Your password is the last 4 digits of the phone number that we have on file. You will be prompted to change your password for first time users.
If you set up a password, but can’t remember it then use the red forgot password request to reset your password. An email will be sent to the address on file with a link to reset your password.

After you log in got to the Make Payment tab and you can make a one time payment or make a payment and keep your credit card on file for future use. The choice is yours.

Your LOGIN will be the email address we have on file, and the default PASSWORD is the last 4 digits of the phone number we have on file for you.  Once you login, you may update your password.

If you do not know what phone number we have on file for you another option is to reset the password.  You will receive an email with a link to change the password to one of your choosing.  If you have any issues, or questions feel free to call or email us for assistance.

To use Clean Connect, visit www.tcsdrycleaners.com and in the menu bar click on “Account Login”.

Our Mobil App is available in an IOS version at Apple’s app store and an Android Version at the Google play store

On the main “home screen” you will be able to do the following

1. Profile tab view and edit your personal profile information.

2. Pickup request, Request pickups, and schedule vacation holds.

3. My Orders, View current and past history.

4. Coupons, View current specials and promotions from The Clean Store.

5. Refer a Friend, Invite a friend or family to use The Clean Store and both parties will
receive a special Thank you from The Clean Store.

6. Pricing, view pricing for common items

7. Help, Ask a question, provide feedback, view frequently asked questions, access contact

You will be able to view orders that are currently in process, orders that are ready for pick up, and orders that have been picked up or “returned”.

You have the ability to drill down any of the orders and see the individual items that comprise that order.

Also you can view orders in-process, orders that are ready for pickup, and orders already picked up.

Figure 1 Orders ready for pickup

Figure 2 Order detail for a specific invoice

Figure 3 Orders that are still in process

After you choose the pick up icon you will be directed to the Request a Pickup Screen.

You will have the ability to choose the next pick-up and delivery dates that are available in your area. You also have the ability to relay any special instructions or concerns that you may have about an item.

If you have an order that is ready for pickup you can notify us that you are coming to the store and we will have your items ready for your arrival. You can also update or add you credit card information securely on these screen.

Profile screen 1 Retail store customer

Here you can change your email address, physical address, phone number, notification method as well as starch preference, and communicating special instructions about your items.

On the profile screen you can securely update or change your credit card information

Yes, you can put in a vacation request that will list the last pick up day and when you would like to resume delivery service. This would be done in the Schedule a pickup screen

Once you download the app on your phone you can login by using your primary email as your username and the last 4 digits of your phone number.

What if I am not sure which phone number The Clean Store has on file for me?

One other way to access your account is to use the “reset my password” tab. An email will be sent to the email address that we have on file and then you can choose a new password.

Yes, you can communicate special preferences to us using both the Clean Store App and Customer Connect.


Men’s dress shirts can be cleaned and pressed in one of two ways. They are either laundered and machine pressed on an automated process or wet/ dry cleaned and hand pressed. The first way described is the process we use on a majority of our shirts. Let me explain the laundered process. Shirts are inspected for stains and all buttons are opened. The shirts are then cleaned in a laundry washing. In the wash cycle process we inject Duval Energy (a general degreaser from Krussler). We also inject a shot of sizing during the finial rinse. After the shirts are cleaned they are them pressed through the flowing automated process. First the wet shirts are placed on the cuff and collar press. This is where a curved hot plate will press and dry the cuff and collar of the shirt. It is the. Moved to the “buck press”. This is basically a torso that is dressed with the shirt. Next 2 hot plated come together and press the front and back of the shirt while hot air and steam is blown through the sleeves. The shirts start this process wet and come off dry. This is designed for mid weight cotton dress shirt with standard buttons.

The other way we would either wet or dry clean the shirt and then hand press the shirt on a utility press with a steam iron. To hand press a shirt requires substantially more time and labor.

There are several reasons why a shirt would be hand pressed vs using the automated process. They include shirts with unique buttons, thick buttons, concave shaped buttons, designer shirts with unique embroidery on the cuff it collar, shirts that are limited edition and are difficult to find, dark shirts will could develop a shine on the cuff and collar especially imprints of collar tabs, shirts made of linen, silk, polyester, spandex. Shirts that are have a light weight fabric. Textured shirts such as seersucker. The auto mated process will flatten and remove the textured feel after repeated pressings.

The auto mated process is designed for shirts that are between the sizes of 15-18. Items that have darts are slim fit will get s better press with our hand press method.

We review every item we clean and will make the determination whether the item should be wet/ dry cleaned and hand pressed or to launder and machine press the shirt.

Yes. This option is available for customers who travel or have limited closet space.

Customers have the option of no starch , starch or heavy starch.
At The Clean Store we add an application of sizing to all of our laundered shirts

When choosing to starch or not to starch consider these three attributes of starch:

  • Comfort – No starch is generally more comfortable.
  • Wrinkles – Freshly pressed shirts are generally wrinkle free and appear smoother when starched. When you introduce starch, over the course of the day, wrinkles will eventually appear, and when starched will be more pronounced.
  • Textile Wear – The frequent and heavy use of starch can cause the fabric become brittle, weak and stiff reducing the lifespan of the shirt.

You can have smooth shirts without starching. When purchasing shirts, select 100% cotton. In general, cotton will look smoother and crisper after pressing than poly-blend fabrics.

This is a good question that comes up occasionally and has even been politicized. As a member of the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, the premier international dry cleaning organization, we are committed to fair pricing for equal work.

As described below, dress shirts are washed, and then taken wet and put on the shirt press. The machine is designed to best press medium weight cotton shirts that are between the sizes of 15-18 and are straight / flat. If there are darts (most ladies shirts have darts), pleats, ruffles, specialty buttons etc., the item cannot be pressed on the laundered shirt machine, and therefore must be hand pressed. Hand pressed items take much more time to process and therefore we charge according to the work involved. We do have a few customers that bring in shirts that will fit on our press and have requested the laundered service, which are naturally charged according to the shirt press rate.


No, Pick Up and Delivery is FREE – No Special Fees or Rules. You pay the same price as in-store customers.

There are several ways to sign up for our delivery service. The easiest way it to sign up online through the sign up link. You will be prompted for the necessary information to start our service. The second way to enroll is to complete a paper signup form which will accompany your items on your first cleaning.

We have 2 versions of our service, regular and on call. For regular service just leave your items to be cleaned at your designated area in your personal laundry bag. For On Call service you just let us know when you are in need of a pick-up and we will come by on the next pick up day as needed.

The best way to schedule a pick up is through our App for Iphone and Andriod devices.

After you choose the pick up icon you will be directed to the Request a Pickup Screen.

You will have the ability to choose the next pick-up and delivery dates that are available in your area. You also have the ability to relay any special instructions or concerns that you may have about an item.

The other way to schedule a pick up is through our web site.
You will click on the “Account Login” button, which is located in the top right of menu which is on every page of our web site.

We will work with you to find the best pick-up and delivery location. Usually this is at the front door, but it could a side door, back door or in the garage (especially if you have a keypad). There should be an over the door hanger or hook to leave your freshly pressed items. If needed we will provide a door hanger at no additional cost.

Items picked up on one delivery day will be delivered on the next one. Currently our pick-up and delivery days are Monday / Thursday or Tuesday / Friday depending on where you are located.

We currently deliver to Malvern, Devon, Berwyn, Willistown, Paoli, Exton, Frazer, East Goshen, West Chester, Chesterbrook, Valley Forge, parts of Wayne, Newtown Square, Lionville and Downingtown. If you have questions call us to see if we can deliver to your home or where you work.

We will keep a credit card on file which we will charge on the 15th and the 30th for any transaction you have in the billing period. Whenever we charge your credit card you will receive an itemized invoice via email showing your activity and the charge on your credit card.

No need to be home. Just let us know of an easily accessible location on your property to safely pick up and drop off your items.

Yes, we deliver in the rain if there is a location to leave them where the clothing can be safe. If there is no overhang or safe area, we bring them back to the shop for the next delivery day. Our drivers are trained that protecting the clothing comes first, so let us know if you have a special location for rainy days (like a garage).

We use an inventory management system that virtually eliminates lost or misplaced items. Unlike other cleaners who staple a tag onto your clothing, we use a paperless heat seal bar code system to keep track of items as the move through the cleaning process. The heat seal is about the size of a “Tic-Tac” and is placed inconspicuously on every item. This allows us to list the brand name, color, and pattern on the receipt for every item that we clean.

We have 2 pickup and delivery routes. The pickup and delivery days are either Tuesday and Friday or Monday and Thursday. For our Monday / Thursday customers items picked up on Monday will be returned on Thursday and vice versa. For our Tuesday / Friday customers items picked up on Tuesday will be returned on Friday and vice versa. We will pick up items on either day we are in your community. Your route pick up and delivery days are determined by your location.

Wash and Fold

Wash and fold is designed for your general laundry. We will wash, dry and neatly fold general laundry items ( t shirts, pants, nightwear, underwear socks etc.).
The difference between this service and our dry clean per piece service is that items are not pressed.
All item will be sorted based on Men’s items, Women’s item, small child etc. and placed in plastic bags that will be put in a Garantote. ( this is a 24” by 24” bag made from the same material as the Green Garmento which works well for Wash and Fold.) The end result is that sorting items at home will be as easy as possible.

We can accommodate the use of sent free detergent and dryer sheets if desired by the customer.

Repairs and Alterations

If a repair is less than $3 then it is performed on a complimentary basis.

This would include the following;

Tightening or replacement of up to 2 suit pants or jacket buttons
3 shirt buttons that need to be replaced or tightened.
Repairing one small hole in a sweater
Resewing labels that come loose or undone

If the repair is from over $3 but less than $12, we will perform the repair and charge for it.

This will include the following;

Repairing the seam in pants by the pockets where a hole has developed from the wear and tear from
repeated use
Jacket inside pockets lining that rips along the seam
Skirts or a blouse that has a rip along the seam
Repairing up to 5 holes in sweaters
Hems that come down on pants
Repairing and resewing the inside of pockets that have a hole in them
Linings in jackets that are ripped by the shoulder blade, etc

If the repair is over $12 we will reach out to you and explain what is needed and ask if
you would like the repair to be performed.

You can use alteration stickers (which we can provide) or place a note specifying the repair with the garment, then place garment and note in a separate plastic bag within your clothing collection bag

Regular poly plastic dry cleaning bags can take more than 20 years to break down in landfills. People often try to recycle these, but most local recycling programs do not allow plastic bags to be included in co-mingled recycling because bags can easily jam up the recycle sorting machinery (we saw this in action once at our sons’ Cub Scout trip to a local recycling center). So, what can you do?

At The Clean Store we have two options, use our biodegradable poly bags, or purchase and use (and re-use) our Green Garmento. One of the first things we did when buying the business was to switch over to biodegradable poly. This product is designed to break down in 18 months, which is less and a tenth of the time regular bags take. But we wanted to go further.

The Green Garmento is a great all-in-one solution! You can send in your items in the bag, and then it will be returned as a garment bag for your clothes. This reduces your carbon footprint, and regular users can save over 150 plastic bags each year just by using one Green Garmento each week! We recommend purchasing two so that you have one at home (being filled) and one at the shop with your cleaning.

Additionally, we also have the GG frame (see pictured) which is great for using as a hamper for your cleaning.

For Wash & Fold users, we highly recommend the Gargantote!


Most people want to be good to the earth, but find it challenging to deal with hangers after they have been used. Do you recycle them? Throw them in a bag to give back?

At The Clean Store we are committed to taking care of the environment. One way we do this is by not only accepting hangers for recycling (or reuse if they are in good condition), but we even give our customers a hanger box to make it simple for them participate.

Once your hanger box is full, either return it to our store, or leave it out for your next pickup, and an empty box will be left for you.

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